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Skanee Fiber Progress

September 17, 2020

Work contiues to progress in Skanee.  The contractor has been in town for about a month now and has made great progress.  Employees from our office are starting to contact current customers to schedule a brief visit to your home in prepration for the drops being installed. 

The purpose of this visit is to identify things like

  • Where to install the new fiber drop -- maybe you've remodeled or your house has changed since your current Telephone and Internet drop was installed.
  • Where would you like the ethernet jack for your router or computer to be installed in your home? 
  • Is there anything the contractor should be aware of when they come to install the drop?  Outbuildings with burried power, water lines, etc.  The contractor will ask you about this as well, but we wanted to get a head start.

Each visit should only take a few minutes, and safe social distancing will be practiced by our employees.


We also wanted to address a few questions that we have been receiving about the project

What are the orange pipes sticking out of the ground, and why do I see them in some places but not others?

The orange pipes that you see are conduits that the contractor will eventually pull the fiber optic cable through.  A separate crew will be working their way through the area and either simply connecting them together underground or installing an underground access point for us to access the fiber later.  In both cases, one the work is complete the condits will be several feet below ground and of of the way.

When will the work be completed, and when can I get connected?

We hope to have all of the underground work done before the weather makes it impossible for the contractor to continue installing cable.  Once all of the fiber optic cable has been installed and connected, staff will reach out to you to schedule an install.  We hope to start performing installs in late fall or early this winter, and hope to have everyone converted by spring.

What does a typical installation look like?

Here are some photos of a typical fiber to the home installation

I do not feel comfortable having a technician in my home at this time.  What should I do?

Please tell the employee that schedules your home visit of your concerns.  We can discuss your installation over the phone.  The contractor will still be installing your drop, but all of their work will be done outside with save social distancing.