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Internet Service Area

Interactive Service Map

Red = Local Fiber Internet Availability
Blue = DSL Internet Coverage Area
Light Green = LTE Internet
Tip: Click a dot or zoom in to see availability in your area
We are continuously expanding and upgrading service. Call for the most up-to-date information

What is fiber internet?

Fiber is a technology that allows telecommunication companies like us to transmit internet and telephone signals at lightning fast speeds using optical fiber over traditional copper wire systems.

Fiber vs. DSL Internet?

Fiber internet, while significantly faster than the DSL alternative, is not readily available in all areas because it is a new technology. DSL internet is more readily available for a many of our customers. DSL internet uses the copper wiring from phone lines to deliver internet access with a dedicated connection. Both fiber and DSL provide customers with 24/7 access with buffer-free streaming and no slow-downs during peak hours.

How do fiber and DSL compare to other internet?

There are several types of internet connections; however, these options are largely dependent on location and availability. Cable providers have started to offer internet service through the same cables that deliver the signals for television in the home. These speeds are similar to those offered by DSL, but differ because the lines are often shared resulting in slower load times during peak hours. In addition to cable internet service, satellite internet service is also available. Internet service via satellite is dependent on the provider, package, and distance from the satellite, and the weather.

Where, specifically, is DSL available?

DSL is generally available in the blue portions of the map to the right. DSL internet service is distance dependent, so please call our office to confirm availability at your location.

What is LTE internet service?

Our new LTE service offering is a wireless LTE-based internet with a receiver installed directly at your location. The new offering will provide a download speed of about 20 Mbps and 5 Mbps upload speed, ideal for streaming Amazon video and Netflix.

Where is LTE service available?

Check out the map to see if you are located in the circle. If you are, please contact us and we’ll send out a technician to confirm signal strength. If the signal strength is sound, our technician will complete the standard installation, which includes an antenna, a mounting bracket, a PoE injector, and a wireless router, if one is not already present in the home.

Internet service isn’t available in my area. How do I get it?

If internet isn’t available in your area today, please click on the button below to be added to our list. We determine expansion opportunities for internet service through word of mouth and requests from our existing and potential customers. Please add your service area address along with your contact information. We will use this information to gauge interest in a particular service area.

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