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IT & Networking Services

Custom Configurations

Information technology is a vital component of any business. Our team of IT service technicians understand that every business has a different situation and configuration that requires a custom IT solution to meet those specific needs.

Our team of experts at can assist your business with your IT needs from the ground up, whether you are looking to connect your business to the internet, configure a printer with your office computer, or for more complicated support setting up servers, terminals, cloud backup, internal wiring, network security, hardwire and WiFi networks, or point-of-sale systems, we have a team of technicians waiting to assist you. 

Reliable Technology

With the ever increasing demands on Internet and telephone systems, the network and phone system wiring is one of the most important yet often neglected investments your company can make. Our goal is to keep your business online through fast and reliable fiber network services. 

Fiber technology provides virtually unlimited bandwidth, ideal for the business world of the present and the future. Our team adapts the technology to ensure our high-speed fiber network is ready with speeds from 8 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. employs the only BICSI ITS Copper and Fiber installer in the Upper Peninsula – ensuring your wiring installation will be done to the standards and specifications set by the Building Industry Consulting Service.

Secure Connections

Our IT service technicians can also work with your business to set-up virtual private circuits to seamlessly connect your office with remote employees, while avoiding the use of VPN and T1 technologies. Our virtual private circuits also provide your business with more control and can securely connect your office via our fiber-to-the-premise network. 

In addition to connecting remote employees via the private virtual circuit, we can also offer remote backups of your servers via our colocation services. We believe that server uptime and availability are crucial for every business and work to ensure off-site backups, disaster recovery, and house copies of your data is available on a reliable basis.

Our IT service technicians have the experience and expertise to implement a turnkey solution for you to ensure your business is up and running smoothly.