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About Us

Baraga Telephone Company – Up.Net has one of the largest, most robust, and advanced privately owned networks in the Midwest. With an aerial extent nearly 19,000 square miles, the network is larger than Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, and New Jersey combined. Through this network we are able to provide Internet access to major corporations, universities, secondary schools, medical care facilities, and other Internet Service Providers.

We have designed, installed, and maintained computer networks for US Government military facilities, primary schools, secondary schools, county government buildings, sheriff offices, public libraries, insurance companies, print and design companies, medical care facilities, lawyers, tax consultants, and thousands of residential homes. This experience shows we know what works for networks.

Servers and services we currently run and support include Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS, Unix and Linux web servers, mail servers, DNS servers, MySQL Servers, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, VMWare Virtualization and many others.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we continue to learn and try new technologies as they become available in order to find new ways to help our customers and improve their services. Our staff has years of experience in computer repair, virus and spy-ware removal, server installation and maintenance, and networking.