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Fiber Installation

Fiber Internet NID ONT

Free Standard Fiber Installation

The fiber NID and ONT are typically installed on the outside of your home or business. Phone, Ethernet, and a power wire are run into your home.

The ONT is powered by either a small battery pack (if you have telephone service) or a small power supply (if you are only receiving Internet service) and is generally installed in an out-of-the-way area, such as your basement.

Fiber Internet ONT Battery

The battery pack ensures that your telephone service continues to work in the event of a power outage and typically lasts ~8 hours. Battery packs that last up to 24 hours are also available at an additional cost. The battery pack and ONT are owned by and will be removed if you discontinue your service. technicians will hook up your existing telephone jacks (or install one if needed) and install an Ethernet jack for you to plug into your computer or wireless router.

Fiber Internet Ethernet Jack

What does the free installation entail?

A technician will install the equipment, hook up your phones, and provide you with a network jack to plug in your router as close to where you'd like it in the house as possible and verify that everything works as it should before departing.

What if I prefer a wireless router?

We offer several options for wireless routers for purchase and can assist with installation.

What isn’t included as part of the free installation?

  • Rewiring your home or business
  • Installing new phone lines or network jacks (unless you are part of a business plan and purchasing multiple lines)

What if I need that work done? Do you offer those services?

Yes—if that's something you would like to have done, we can help but additional charges apply and the work may require a second visit.