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Fiber Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber internet?

Fiber is a technology that allows telecommunication companies like us to transmit internet and telephone signals at lightning fast speeds using optical fiber over traditional copper wire systems.

When is fiber coming to my area?

Check the locations below to see updates on our fiber progress in each area.

Who is involved in the fiber installation process?

The contractor (sometimes and sometimes a subcontractor) comes in and starts with the main roads and moves to smaller roads. Another crew then starts installing the drops to the customer’s home. There is another crew that follows behind and does clean-up and site restoration, as well as inspectors checking on all of the contractor’s work. For projects being conducted by other subcontractors, we will have personnel in the field inspecting the projects and advising contractors throughout the process.

What does clean-up and site restoration involve?

In places where the contractor performs underground work, they will fill in all of the holes, regrade, and then seed and mulch. In some cases, if the weather does not cooperate, the contractor may not be able to perform all this work right away. If this happens, the contractor will return in the spring to handle unresolved issues. We will not leave our customer’s yards tore up.

What materials are involved?

There are a number of components involved, which include:

  • ONT (on the outside)
  • Battery or Power Pack (on the inside)
  • Ethernet Jack
  • Phone Jack

What are my ONT battery options?

There are a few options for ONT batteries:

  • Power packs are utilized if you have internet only
  • The standard battery pack is free with installation and powers a landline phone for approximately 8 hours
  • Enhanced battery packs are available at an additional cost and offer up to 24 hours of run time

What does installation cost and what does it come with?

We offer free standard installation with an ONT battery or power pack, along with a free wirelesss router. We will connect existing telephone service or install new service with one phone jack. We will install an Ethernet jack in one location.

What does installation involve?

A technician will install the equipment, hook up your phones, and provide you with a network jack and a free wireless router, as close to where you'd like it in the house as possible and verify that everything works as it should before departing.
See the photos and our process here.

May 8, 2018 - General
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