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Dear customer,


For the first time in two decades, we will be increasing our broadband service pricing to better align ourselves with the rising cost of operation.


This increase impacts only our broadband services and is expected to be approximately 10%, depending on your type of service.  For most of our residential standard Internet service customers, the change will be about $5 per month. The new pricing change will not impact our telephone service product line.


While we strive to maintain consistent pricing for our services for as long as possible, the turbulent economic conditions that emerged during and post COVID pandemic are trending toward a higher cost of living, which we all notice in our daily lives.  We do not take the increase lightly but with higher operational costs, we feel the price increase is necessary. We hope this adjust ment is below other cost increases you might be facing as our customer. We will continue to diligently ensure that any changes to our services are not premature responses to the speculative movements of economic conditions, but rather reflective only of the true, long-term changes.


Please do not hesitate to contact our offices with any questions. Best Regards.