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Keweenaw Bay, Chassell and Aura Fiber Plans

October 15, 2021 is pleased to announce the next phases of our fiber conversion plans.


Keweenaw Bay - A contractor has been secured to begin the fiber conversion process this fall.  We expect the contactor to start laying the groundwork for our fiber conversion in the Keweenaw Bay area this fall.  They will work as long as the weather holds out this fall and return first thing in thespring of 2022 to complete the project.


Chassell - We've begun the planning process to convert parts of the Chassell area to fiber.  We're currently specifically looking at the following areas -- Moscow Rd, Northern Tapiola Rd, Unkalos Corner, Chassell-Painsdale Rd, and parts of Superior and Boundary Rd.  Please stay-tuned for details.


Aura - We've begin the planning process to convert the Aura area to fiber.  Construction is estimated to begin later in the fall of 2022.