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How do I get connected?

April 17, 2020

The work in Liminga and Stanton will be on Canal Drive from the Houghton RV park to Liminga road and then down Liminga road as far as the E.B. Holman School.

  • At this time we will only be offering service to residences directly on the route. We will be putting out door tags (or on your mailbox) to everyone who can receive service. 
  • Customers not directly on the route should use our "Request Internet Service" form on our website as future expansion will be driven by areas where people have interest.
  • If you received a door hanger, or are directly on the route, please contact us for service.  The goal is to have the contractor install the drops to interested residents while they are still in town.
  • Don't delay in reaching out!  Customers calling for service after the contractor has already left the area will be placed on a waiting list for installation later in the season.
  • Once all the field work is done a team will schedule a time to install the electronics and switch you over to fiber. This process will take time as we work through the list of customers.