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Dedicated Service

High speed internet from provides you with speeds significantly faster than dial-up and more reliable than other cable internet providers. Our dedicated service package means you have your own dedicated network, not like the shared connections from cable companies.

The need for internet service in a home has advanced with the addition of stream services, Smart televisions, storage and back-up systems, cloud storage, gaming consoles, printers, home automation systems, home security systems, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones. Our connection speeds assure that you can have one member of your family playing online video games in one room, while someone else streams their favorite television show from their smartphone onto the television in the living room without sacrificing internet speed or display quality. 

With our dedicated high speed internet, your connection is always fast, so you have access to 24/7, buffer-free streaming. We don’t think you should have to share your internet and experience slow-downs during peak hours. Get fast fiberDSL and LTE internet service. Check our interactive service area map to see what is available near you. Contact us today to stop sharing!