Spaghetti Dinner


There will be a spaghetti dinner September 2nd from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm at the Baraga School.   This benefit is to help the Miron family who have lost their home due to a house fire.  There will also be a basket raffle.

Adult Meal – $7.00    Children – $3.00

If you would like to donate a basket or any baked goods, please contact JoAnn Mleko at 353-7182

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New Email Provider

Dear Valued customers,

We are committed to providing you with dedicated email service, and know that has not been the case the last week with HyperOffice so we have decided to change providers.  We have found and tested an alternative email hosting solution called Rackspace which will be handling email services for from this point forward.  Rackspace is a large organization with an outstanding reputation for quality.

We regret having to change your email service again so quickly, but could not continue to move forward with the HyperOffice system.  From this point forward, all new incoming email will be delivered to your Rackspace inbox instead of HyperOffice.  When you click the email button to the right, you will be presented with 2 options.  One to access your new Rackspace email service and one to login to HyperOffice.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be working with Rackspace to migrate all of  your email from HyperOffice to their system.  Until this process is complete, you will have to use your Rackspace email for new message and your HyperOffice email for older content.  Please check back here frequently for new and updated information.

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When we teamed up with Google years ago for our email, we did not anticipate them pulling the plug on servicing ISP’s. HyperOffice was a company that was recommended by Google. We are finding that the transition to HyperOffice was not as seamless as it was supposed to be. We have trouble tickets into them and are working on correcting the issues that many of you are experiencing such as printing email as well as sending and receiving attachments. We hope you realize that we did not foresee these issues and we are working on rectifying them as soon as possible.  Again, we sincerely thank everyone for bearing with us through this transition.

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